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Ambisort circular SLU - Bellmer Kufferath GmbH

Ambisort Circular is a company that offers solutions for waste treatment facilities. For the Biomethanization facilities, hand in hand with our partner Bellmer Kufferath, we have systems for the preparation of material prior to the digester, as well as post Biomethanization digestate dehydration solutions. The dehydration presses for both dry and wet digestion are of recognized international prestige and we have successful references in Spain and internationally.
Other solutions offered by Ambisort for the treatment of organic matter for Biomethanation processes are the Biogrinder vertical mill that increases Biogas production, product dosing bunkers, transport systems, improper disposal equipment and other innovative solutions.

Represented Brands: Bellmer Kufferath. BHS Sonthofen. Westeria

To find more information about Ambisort circular SLU - Bellmer Kufferath GmbH and other exhibitors, access the Visitors Private Area of the II Renewable Gas Trade Fair