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Carbotech Gas Systems GmbH was incorporated within the company Bergbau-Forschung GmbH. We have a long history of more than 60 years in the areas of development, engineering and manufacturing of installations for the purification and production of renewable gases. Carbotech Gas Systems GmbH is a specialist in industrial gas purification and the production of various biogases and industrial (technical) gases such as hydrogen. Through our innovative technologies we provide an active contribution to obtaining CO2 neutral energy. The pressure swing adsorption (PSA) process developed and patented by Carbotech is simple and impresses with its low energy demand. Thanks to the constant development of the facilities over the last three decades, PSA is today one of the most efficient purification procedures on the market. Carbotech installations have been in operation for many years all over the world.

To find more information about CARBOTECH and other exhibitors, access the Visitors Private Area of the II Renewable Gas Trade Fair