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Oleofat leads the first plant in Andalusia to obtain biomethane for injection into the grid

Oleofat has chosen the municipality of Mengíbar in Jaén for the implementation of the future renewable natural gas plant due to the potential of its agricultural and food network.

According to the Town Council, Oleofat has initiated several agreements with the main actors in the primary sector and agri-food industries in the province of Jaén, with the aim of valorising their by-products and organic waste when manufacturing biomethane.

To this end, they have the collaboration of the Mengíbar Town Council, as well as the Andalusian Regional Government, which has collaborated with the promoters in the search for a location suitable for the needs of the project.

The future company located in Mengíbar is expected to be one of the largest biomethane plants planned in Spain using waste from the primary and agri-food sectors. For its start-up, an estimated investment of ten million euros and the creation of 18 direct jobs is foreseen.

One of the main by-products to be treated will be rectified olive pomace, which is currently a problem both for the environment and for the mills' own activity.

This biomethane centre in Andalusia is part of a project that envisages the creation in the first phase of a network of 12 biomethane plants in different parts of Spain. Oleofat also participates in the company called Biolvegas, which has given rise to the first national biomethane plant with direct injection into the network located in the town of Olvega (Soria).

Oleofat is a company with experience in the biogas sector, which it entered through its participation in the LIFE-Valporc project aimed at the livestock sector within the framework of environmental policies promoted by the European Commission for the sustainable development of the LIFE programme.