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Cogeneration from agricultural biogas and optimization of electricity production through ORC

Gaec Bon Vent is a French family farm that includes the breeding of 200 suckler cows and 150 sows, with 540 hectares dedicated to crops and pastures. With the aim of becoming more autonomous, respecting the environment and reusing all the farm's resources, they installed a cattle feed factory in 2004, solar panels in 2009, and in 2018 they started up an ECOMAX cogeneration methanation unit. 3 BIO of 330 kWe from the Italian firm AB, with an investment of 2.5 million euros without subsidies.

Part of the heat produced is used to heat the building dedicated to the piglets. The rest of the heat is sent to the ORC module supplied by ENOGIA, for the production of additional electricity and remunerated at the same feed rate as the cogeneration engine, managing to optimize income with the sale of electrical energy. The ORC operates with “waste” heat from just 70°C.

AB participates in the Valladolid Renewable Gas Trade Fair.

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