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Genia Bioenergy and Veolia are working on a new Circular Economy project that is unique in Europe

Genia Bioenergy, Veolia y Magtel, benchmark companies in the renewable energy sector, come together in a model that combines biogas, biomass and photovoltaic solar energy, in a new project for the COVAP Group.

The COVAP Group, made up of the Valle de los Pedroches Livestock Cooperative, Lactiber, Làctia and Naturleite, has presented its Circular Economy model, unique in Europe, which includes biogas, biomass and photovoltaic energy, to advance towards self-sufficiency energetic.

This commitment to sustainability as a fundamental pillar of its activity, leads the organization to invest 25 million euros in a broad renewable energy program with which it intends to establish a 360º management system, in which, taking advantage of the sun's energy, the waste and by-products from the members' livestock farms and the manufacturing processes and the organic matter of forest origin, will generate the electricity and steam needed by its five industrial plants.

COVAP will cover 80% of its energy needs with renewable sources in 2024.

Genia Bioenergy designs the biogas generation process with a 7 MW plant, which will supply 40,000 MW/year

Veolia will build and operate the 13.4 MW biomass plant, which will generate 80,000 MW/year

The advantages of this new model are centered on the maximum use of all own resources, less dependence on foreign energy, the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by 80%, the reuse of 60,000 m3 of water and the production 25,000 tons of organic fertilizers, which will be used by farmers in the production of raw material for animal feed. Important will be the generation of quality and specialized employment, which will also mean an opportunity to retain talent in the territory.

The CEO of Genia Bioenergy, Gabriel Butler, has stated that "the circular economy cycle that COVAP is going to implement with its biogas and biomethane plant, which values thousands of tons of waste to generate energy from renewable sources and organic amendments that return to Feeding farmland naturally, should be a standard for agricultural activity in Spain"

The general director of Veolia Servicios Lecam, Francisco Villalobos, has stated that “Veolia is, as of today, a key ally to accompany COVAP in its decarbonization challenge. At Veolia we have designed a biomass plant with the capacity to cover 100% of the steam demand of the COVAP facilities. In addition to taking care of the operation and maintenance of these facilities, we will supply the necessary biomass for the operation of the boilers. So we will be providing a clean fuel and reducing CO2 emissions."

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