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Sedigas publishes a "Study of the biomethane production capacity in Spain"

This study prepared by the Spanish Gas Association, Sedigas, in collaboration with PwC and the specialised consultancy Biovic, aims to analyse the national potential of this renewable gas and provide knowledge that will help in the definition of its development plans and in the national decarbonisation strategy.

"Spain has a biomethane production potential - a renewable and indigenous energy source - of 163 TWh/year, a figure that would allow around 45% of the national demand for natural gas to be covered". 

The analysis is an update of the latest figures calculated in 2018 by the Institute for Energy Diversification and Saving (IDAE), which put the available biomethane potential at between 20 and 34 TWh/year in 2030, which could represent between 5% and 9% of annual gas demand. The origin of this difference lies in the fact that the IDAE data did not include intermediate crops, as well as forestry waste and other biological waste that is more difficult to use but has great potential, which have now been taken into account. 

More figures from the study:

The development of biomethane potential in Spain would have meant savings of up to 4 billion euros in consumer bills by 2022.

Its exploitation would mean the start-up of 2,326 specialised plants, which would mobilise an investment of almost 40,500 million euros, equivalent to 3.6% of GDP, and would generate around 62,000 jobs, both direct and indirect, associated with their operation and maintenance.

This would prevent the emission of 8.3 million tonnes of methane which would otherwise be released into the atmosphere naturally through the decomposition of the waste reused to generate it. 

Due to their characteristics, Castilla y León, Andalusia and Castilla-La Mancha are the autonomous communities with the greatest potential, together accounting for 50% of the total national capacity. 

The introduction of biomethane into the energy mix is essential to meet decarbonisation targets and slow down climate change.

SEDIGAS, the Spanish Gas Association, participates in the Renewable Gas Exhibition.

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